Krisenpräventive Wirkungen der entwicklungspolitischen Zusammenarbeit mit Zentralasien

The workshop, summarised in this publication, brought together the crisis prevention approach and development cooperation in Central Asia. Employees of German development institutes discussed, which crisis preventive effects development cooperation had there up until now, and whether and how far it can be shaped and developed further based on experience and conceptual ideas. The material in the publication make the brainstorming character of the event obvious.

The authors from the academic institutes and the non-governmental organisations paint a fairly critical picture of the situation in Central Asia and see a great challenge for development policies. At the same time, the specifics of the situation in Central Asia is being made clear: The central assumption of the BMZ’s concept of crisis prevention, crisis management, and peace support is being confirmed that every conflict is unique and demands targeted responses. There are no blueprints and standard solutions for development cooperation. The BMZ’s concept for Central Asia attempts to find specific approaches for the region. It has to be reviewed and – if necessary – developed further.